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A letter to the beloved 25 Juli 2005

Posted by sri nanang setiyono in Esai.


My last phone call a few days ago seemed too weird to you. Perhaps, you could not understand the message I had delivered. Yes indeed, I did not say anything important. I just wanted to say hello. Could you imagine what feeling I am in at time?

After our hearts sundered, it was the first time I heard your voice. It’s so silvery and balmy. I confessed, your voice disillusion my thought. You are not you I knew before. Yes, you are not my girlfriend anymore.

”How do you do,” I asked you at the moment. Yeah, that’s just etiquette. No, not only regarding you, I really wanted to know how do you do at time. How much love has been approached you. Have you found the nice heart? Does he have all you always dreamed about? Unfortunately, all of those questions only stayed in my mind. My tongue was so stump. I felt clumsy.

Then, I realized you have your own right not to answer my questions. My whole mind dropped to the lowest. How dare I ask her? ”Are you crazy,” my right brain called up. A second later, I only blamed myself. The phone call gave away.

Minute to minute I stood in confusion. ”Am I in a dream,” my brain twirled. No, I awoke. I thought after losing you, I also lose my friend. Once again, my brain twirled. A whole world stood in silence. I felt lonely. No one cared to me. And then, my cell phone rang. It’s from you. ”Hello, are you ok?” you asked me. We talked about your family, job and your condition. You asked me about my new position in Serpong. Yes, I have moved away.

Second from the moment looked like waking up from long sleep. Then, I realized my thought about you was definitely wrong. I am not bereft of a friend. I still have one.




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