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Does internet really help our writing skill? 12 April 2007

Posted by sri nanang setiyono in Menulis.

Imagine if this days there is no a human made creature named internet. The most influence thing in the modern world nowadays, that’s Time Magazine calls to the internet, has changes our ways of thinking, playing, interacting, working, and expressing our thoughts and minds. What would happen if suddenly the global internet network entirely shut down? Every activity in modern human aspect would be disturbed or failed. Airlines flights are stopped. Cellular and digital communications will be halted. Stock exchanges will be crowded.

Let s look back to the past era when internet has not been discovered. People still communicate each other with the existing communication device such as telegrams, telephones, letters, Morse codes and etc. Radio and television also connect human being around the world. Yes indeed, everything changes when internet came slowly but exactly moved the prior communications devices in the behind. But are they perish caused by internet expansion? No. They still exist and become alternative ways to fulfill their communication needs.

So don’t think internet is everything. Internet is important in today human living and next. But without it, we could still do all our work normally. Even it is spreading all over the world, the penetration of internet in many countries is still very low.

Same as another invention, internet is only a supporting apparatus that could not give benefit to human living without helped by people participation. People need to be explained and taught how to use it. I give you illustration that has same perspective to our discussion topic right now. A few years ago I watched TV program broadcasting an Indonesia local famous writer. He said he could not write his works using computer device. He preferred using his typewriter and said computer was too difficult to handle. He said his works was not to be better whether using computer or not.

Today I got the same lesson from a forum I had at National Education Ministry Library in Jakarta. A comment from a literacy activist opened my mind about the importance of human base skills. Wien Muldian, the activist, said blog is only a tool to improve our writing skills. It is not instantly increase our ability and writing mastery if we could not manage and optimize our faith and passion to write. He stressed the importance of writing community to educate all of the members about how to write well and creating a good environment for inseminating new talented writers.



1. mr.bambang - 16 April 2007

if me, of course internet really help my writing skill 😀

2. Jennie - 9 Juli 2007

Excellent English and excellent analysis.

3. loyadoEcode - 16 November 2007

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4. Idetrorce - 16 Desember 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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