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N-Ach in Our Books 21 September 2007

Posted by sri nanang setiyono in English, Esai, Pendidikan.

Following my prior article titled ¨Is blogging really helping our writing ability?¨ which published in the this site, a comment from Jennie S Bev, Indonesian writer who live in America, encouraged me to elaborate another work about blogging and writing. Jennie who has been living in America since 1997 ( I am not sure about this number), has published a lot of works varying from articles in newspapers and magazine, website and hard copy books in both two countries. The most popular book distributed in this country is Sukses Luar Biasa, printed by Jakartaś big media and book printing company Gramedia Pustaka Utama.


I will not talk about Jennieś books in this session. What I want to say is Jennie has reached a such of success by working on words and writing. Indeed, she is getting lucky and is felling to learn intellectual and cultural Western scholar activity directly from the heart of western civilization : the United States. Jennie knows literacy activities get high position among the various multicultural society in developed countries like America. But, it does not mean that living in developing country like Indonesia could not gain the same grade as developed ones do.


One of basic problem in third world country like Indonesia is the low of n-ach factor in the society. N-ach, abbreviation of needs of achievement, is contents of published material distributed in the society that filled with messages to get better, motivation to move forward, and others positive messages carrying by authors and writers in their works. If the n-ach is high, the society will face brighter future in the next generation. This could be described gently because of author and writers works affect the peopleś mind and increases the people’s faith to build their own society. The ages of Islamic Chalipes and the Western’s Renaissance are a few examples of the influence of n-ach.


I think Indonesia also have own version about its experience related to n-ach. When Boedi Utomo, the first national modern movement organization establised in 1908, the common unconscious mind of Indonesian was not familiar with the word of self-determination. Activists across the country knew they could reached and shared their thoughts and idea about self determination and importance being free, only by building mass communication. And the effective way to do it was enlarging the literacy activities and increased amount of published material among the people. History cites Indonesia has a lot of emerging newspapers during its movement age. Balai Pustaka, the first publishing book body created by Dutch Colonial Administration, was established in this era. Although at the early years the body only printed local literary works (such as fairy tale and romance stories) but using of Bahasa Melayu had broadened nationality pride among people across the archipelago. People became awarer and smarter about their condition. The meaning of freedom and the awareness of self determination constantly grew up as time went by.


History also cites British’s achievement in economics, politics, and science in the 19th century as a result of industrial revolution following James Wattś steam machine invention in the second half of the prior century. At the period, the kingdom produced a large scale of published material such as books, research journals, author´s works and etc.

And now, when many bookstores across our archipelago are filled with the motivational books written by local and foreign author, will the giant awake from its long sleeping beauty situation? Will Indonesia achieve its greatness in future as other elder great nations had possed in the past? 




1. Jennie - 24 September 2007

Thank you for this posting and mention of my name. One correction, I hope you don’t mind. The title of my book is Mindset Sukses, published by LPFEUI.

I personally think Indonesia is on the right track to become culturally aware and appreciate the writing profession and writers. Keep writing. You have my full support.

2. Sri Nanang S - 27 September 2007

Sorry Jennie for the mistakes i did. Thank for your correction. I am very appreciate your support on my work. It encourages me to produce more articles about writing and related issues.

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