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To Feel and To be Poor 21 September 2007

Posted by sri nanang setiyono in Curhat, Esai.

The title I choose above may be too weird for almost people. In the world when materialism and hedonism conquers the people´s mind nowadays, choosing to be poor will be said and considered as crazy thing. Even though poverty is a part of our society condition, to deal with that is unpopular way to achieve the higher grade in social life.


Poor is always considered as a condition for human being who have less money or others things so that he or she could not fulfill his/her needs properly. It also identified with the small and bad home, bad vehicles, low amount of money in bank account or bad sanitation and educational environment. Poverty has a thin border and very close to the crime. That’s why poverty always to be the common enemy to all governments around the world and to be used as political issues for politicians.

Actually the existence of poverty is a bless to whom who understand it. I convince you, poverty is not created to be rubbish of society. It has a such of lesson people should pick up from. Like others things and creatures around us, it´s existence could benefit our life. Not only because poverty gives difference to the rich, it exactly has disguessing bless to improve our quality of life. How?

If you feel your life stands up in stuck, no challenge, lack of spirit and meaningless, why don´t you try this receipt to renew and return your faith back? I suggest you to feel and or to be poor. For you who are still in poverty, I have no comment about it. But if you have been being rich or has a capacity to live in comfort, poverty is a good medicine you are needed to upgrade your quality of life.

I am not saying you have to give all your money to others or quit from your current job to be a beggar. What you only do is feel the poverty in yourself. You act as a poor and hold yourself not to use all your good facilities you have for a moment. Start with not eating for a while. You know what I mean. Yes, fasting is good way to feel the poverty. But if you think this why is not enough for your thirstiness , I suggest you totally free your life and trie to be poor in real condition. Stop using your car when you go to your office. Try buses or other mass transportations. Avoid a luxury and expensive restaurants every time you go lunch or dinner. Try a cheap food stall and go to the low cost hotel if you do travel.

Unfortunately, those suggestion will not complete if you still interact and live in the wealthy environment. Go out and find a poor community near your home. Being a friend of them. If it is possible, live among them. Once you feel you have sympathy to their suffering life, you will recognize what is the truly meaning of your life. And when you back to your prior life which full of comfort, the experience will help you to commemorate of the importance of solidarity and the brotherhood of mankind. Insya Allah.



1. Jim - 24 September 2007

have you ever been in a poor condition.?…

2. sri nanang setiyono - 24 September 2007

yes i have. It made me wiser

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